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Performance Awards – Each routine will be judged using the method of adjudication, which is based on a 100 point system.  Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver & Silver will be awarded to ALL routines entered into the competition.

Divisional Overall Awards – 1st-10th place trophy awards will be given to the highest scores for Solo; Duet/Trio; Small Groups; Large Groups; & Line/Production Groups. The awards will be presented to both the Elite and Recreational Divisions in each age Category (Petite, Junior, Teen, Senior, & Adults).

Divisional Awards will be the following:

  • 10 or More Entries: 1st – 10th
  • 5-9 Entries: 1st – 5th
  • 3-4 Entries: 1st – 3rd
  • 1-2 Entries: 1st
  • 1 Entry: (based on general adjudication score {see below})

*If you are the only entry in your category, your general adjudication score will determine your place for divisional overalls. Awards will be the following: (Platinum=1st, High Gold=2nd, Gold=3rd, High Silver=4th, Silver=5th)

**You Must place 1st (in the Elite Division Overall), to be eligible for a Cash Award.

Cash Awards (Elite Division Only)
There are a total of four (4) 1st place Divisional Overall winners in each Category (Solo, Duet/Trio, Sm. Group, Lg. Group, & Line/Production) in each Age Division (Petite, Junior, Teen, & Seniors).

ALL 1st place winners will be placed in order of highest to lowest scores for CASH PRIZES!!

*(You Must place 1st in the Divisional Overall’s to qualify for the Top Cash Prizes.  If there is not four 1st
place winners in each age division, the missing placement will be discarded. Adult age category does not qualify for Cash Prizes.)

Please note: the same dancer(s) cannot compete against themselves for Divisional Overalls and/or Cash prizes.

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